Congratulations on choosing our strategic gifts for branding and your business!

We wanted to let you know we have found something that has been super helpful to our clients in getting a big WOW response from their clients even before they open their CUTCO Gifts.

For all our business owner friends, while it is natural to give gifts during the holiday season. It is a great time to gift and appreciate around the holidays. However, if you have the opportunity to gift at different times throughout the year, this creates a more memorable, out of the box experience. November is a month centered around gratitude & thankfulness. It’s a great time to surprise your clients with a thank you or appreciation gift or even kicking off the new year with a gift. Do something different that sets you a part from the crowd; avoiding the hustle and bustle of holiday gifting.

Gifting Tips For The Real Estate Industry:

  • Popping in to see your client 1-4 weeks after closing. Give them time to settle down and settle in. This will create a good quality touch after the transaction.
  • Toss your gift in the mail a week after closing; who doesn’t love a cool surprise in the mail?
  • If it’s a buyer – after your clients have left the final walkthrough, grab your gift from the car and set it up in the kitchen…surprise!!! (check out THAT welcome home surprise).

Here are 6 simple steps to follow when giving your Cutco gifts!

Step 1: The most important thing–make sure you are using your CUTCO at home! You will have tons of confidence when giving it out when you are using it constantly.

Step 2: Make sure you use the gift letter that is attached below!

Step 3: Have enthusiasm! Smile:)

Step 4: Follow a script, just like you do when you call leads… and of course, personalize it to suit your style!

Step 5: Before the gift is even passed to the client (or employee) you want to be holding the gift in your hand & say something along the lines of the following: 

“Mr/Mrs. Client, I wanted to give you something to say thank you and express my appreciation. I know I could have gotten you a lot of things,  (like a Home Depot gift card because I know there’s a lot of things you want to do to the house) or even a bottle of wine to help you celebrate. But those things are gone and forgotten about so fast, and that is not the type of impression I want to leave you with. I REALLY wanted to buy you something of VALUE that you would actually USE every single day and own for your lifetime and beyond. These are guaranteed forever, and you can pass them on to your family. We use them in our kitchen and absolutely love them. Let this be a reminder that I am forever at your fingertips for all of your (real estate) needs, and I even look forward to building you an entire set through future (real estate transactions) and referrals. So, THANK YOU!”

Step 6: After your client opens the gift, explain what it’s used for, the forever guarantee, sharpening, etc. “Now be careful, it’s really sharp (chuckle).”This letter is designed for your clients to read before they open their Cutco gift. Below is an example of a simple letter you can hand-write on a card OR simply scroll down to the Cutco photos below and click on the matching photo to download the editable letter, customize with your logo and info, and print out!

These downloads are editable documents, so feel free to change anything and make them your own.
*We recommend adding your logo at the top and contact information at the bottom.

We have found that giving the letter to your client before they open the gift accomplishes two primary objectives:

  1. It helps agents receive a big “WOW” response from their clients when they open the Cutco gift.
  2. It builds the value of Cutco so they know it is something of superior quality and will truly last a lifetime.

When giving the gift, remember this: The key to giving a great gift is ENTHUSIASM! As you are handing the gift to a client, be excited and enthusiastic; enthusiasm transfers. If you are excited, they will be excited. Use this simple, yet very effective phrase: “These things are the best! You are going to love it and use it for EVERYTHING!”.I have also included some videos for you on how to use the different Cutco pieces that your gifts may include. These are great videos that you will want to send to your clients after as a follow-up tool/touch. See our videos below: