Tangible touchpoints will keep you top of mind and not to be forgotten! We know that customized corporate gifts that are truly unique WILL be kept for years to come. That’s why we’ve put a lot of thought into every item we offer to make sure that it’s something different and something your clients will actually Thank You for receiving! From Holiday gifts to thank you gifts to referral gifts, we’ve got it all for you. We can brand specifically to your client’s family name, brand your business, or both! Our gifts are fully customizable to keep you top of mind!

Those in the real estate community, did you know that 90% of Americans use a different realtor the next time they buy or sell a home? However, more than 85% say they loved their realtor and would work with them again! These two figures seem to be completely at odds with each other. Why? The answer is simple – They forget your name and go with whomever is top of mind in the moment!

That’s why gifting works! When you gift clients a useful and non-consumable item as a closing gift, they are going to hold onto that item for years to come. The longer they own an item, the more they will use it, and if it’s branded with your name and contact information, it helps keep you top of mind!

5 Tips for Perfect Gift Giving!

1 – Stop by 3-4 weeks after your transaction with your client. This allows another touch with your client as well as a chance to connect on a more personal level and check-in to see how they like their product, service, or home you provided them.

2 – The most important aspect when giving your branded appreciation gift–make sure you are using your own gift at home! That way, since you own and use the gift already, you will have tons of confidence when gifting it to someone else!

3 – Pair your gift with one of your client’s favorite beverages or food.

4 – Have enthusiasm, and be sure to smile!

5 – Follow a “script” just like you do when you call leads, and most importantly, be yourself.