Why You Should Consider Giving Real Estate Closing Gifts

Real estate is a highly competitive business, and it is one in which your personal brand and your reputation play a huge role in your success. It’s not just about having real estate knowledge or demonstrating a knack for matching properties to clients based on their needs – it’s about showing that you care about your clients and want to give them the best possible property buying experience. That is where a thoughtful closing gift can really kick your customer service up a level! In fact – they could be the difference between gaining a returning customer or losing one!


What is a Closing Gift?

First, let’s start by discussing what a closing gift is. Many realtors choose to gift a gift to their buyers after the purchase closes as a thank you for choosing them to handle the sale. However, they serve a dual purpose! Aside from just saying thank you, real estate closing gifts are also a great way to keep the realtor’s name on the buyer mind for future use since closing gifts will often be branded items with the real estate agents name and contact information.


3 Reasons to Give a Real Estate Closing Gift


1 – To Show Appreciation

First and foremost, real estate closing gifts are handed out as a show of appreciation. Customers want to feel special, and showing that you are appreciative of their business is an excellent touch. There is a good chance you made a nice chunk of commission from this property sale, so it is nice to offer a token gift as a thank you for that. In such a competitive industry, they could have gone with a hundred other realtors, but they choose you!


2 – To Stay Top of Mind

When you choose a branded real estate closing gift you are also helping to keep yourself top of mind with that client. Chose a long-lasting gift like kitchen knives or a cutting board that will get used on a daily basis for years to come. Every time it is used they are going to see your name or logo and when it comes time to buy or sell another property your name is going to be the one that comes to mind!


3 – To Gain Referrals

Another great benefit of giving a branded real estate closing gift is that it will help you to get referrals. Others visiting your client’s home will see the item complete with branding and they will think of you when they need a realtor. Even if the item is not kept in view, having a branded item in the kitchen makes it easy for customers to grab your contact information should the topic of choosing a realtor arise!