360 Branding has team members in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Connecticut, California, Texas, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, Florida, and Indiana. We have the pleasure of working with business owners all throughout the United States. If you believe we could be of service to help you, please let us know!

We are an elite team that works hard and always does what is best for others.We do not comprise our ethics and integrity, and we stand strong for what we believe in. We treat others how we want to be treated.

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Anders Clarke
Region Sales Rep for Chattanooga & East Tennessee

Anders started with Cutco in the summer of 2013 as a college student. Graduating from Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee in 2014 with a degree in Psychology,  he has spent the last 6 years in different sales roles, management, and fitness. He also works with a Chattanooga-based digital marketing company, where he helps people market their businesses online. Above all else, Anders is passionate about helping people navigate marketing for their businesses, guiding them towards their personal and professional goals. While not working, you can find him with friends, in the gym, or riding a bike on some nearby trails. He has lived in Chattanooga since 2001.

Call/Text : 423.902.0103

Email: Brandingwithanders@gmail.com

Benjy Lehman
Region Sales Rep for Indianapolis, IN and surrounding areas

Benjy is a family man with a wife and two daughters. He is passionate about helping others and chose Cutco as his primary avenue to do so in 2010. His passion for service is evident to all of his customers, as he goes above and beyond to ensure each individual receives the red carpet experience. Benjy enjoys traveling with his family, coaching the up and coming Cutco reps, and reading. He now helps business owners and real estate agents brand themselves long term through the art of an appreciation gift. Stay Sharp!

Call/Text : 765.414.6569

Mailto: benjilehman25@gmail.com

Brandon Phillips
Region Sales Rep for East TN (Knoxville, Great Smoky Mountains, Tri-Cities)

Brandon got really sick his senior year in high school. It was so bad that they told him to not push his plans for college. Well… after getting better, he did not have a plan. A letter in the mail from Vector led him to a 40 person group interview. 8 years later he is wearing all the hats he can at Vector.

Call/Text : 423.503.4418

Mailto: bp@360businessgrowth.com

Camila Arri-nudo
Region Sales Rep for San Francisco Bay Area, Austin, TX & Surrounding Areas

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Camila now splits her time between the Bay Area, CA and Austin, TX. She holds a BA in International Relations and a BS in Psychology from Linfield University. She has worked with Cutco products since 2014 in a variety of roles; nowadays, Camila is focused on serving business owners. Camila is also a certified life coach and specializes in helping high performers align their decisions with their core values.

When not working with clients, you can find Camila watching movies with her husband and their cats, Rex & Odin. She enjoys traveling, dystopian fiction, and finding cities’ best mojitos with her best friend. Camila is excited to discover how she can partner with you!

Call/Text : 925.698.3087

Mailto: camila@360businessgrowth.com

Cara Gomes

As the office manager for Cutco Closing Gifts and 360 Business Growth in Southwest Florida, Cara enjoys connecting with Realtors and business owners in the community to show them how gifting can elevate their brand.

Phone: 239-341-5775

Chase McCorkle

Colin Herrmann
Region Sales Rep for Michigan and Indiana

Colin started selling Cutco in June of 2015 and was one of the top ten reps in the state of Michigan that summer. The next two summers Colin directed his own Cutco office while pursuing a degree in Communications and Business at Grand Valley State University. Colin is passionate about building great relationships with people and helping others. Outside of the business, Colin enjoys distance running, spending time with family and friends, and traveling.

Call/Text : 248.763.8272

Mailto: colintherrmann@gmail.com

Courtney Trembler

Courtney started selling Cutco in May of 1999 while in college. She graduated in 2003 from Endicott College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art. Courtney has a huge passion for helping others so helping people build their businesses is something that really excites her! She is passionate about systems, client retention, and top of mind awareness through strategic gifting. Outside of work Courtney stays busy with her family. She has an amazing husband of 16 years and two wonderful daughters who are 9 & 7! They enjoy a lot together like traveling, going to the beach and skiing just to name a few! She loves people, and her positive vibe is given off the second you meet her. She looks forward to getting to know you and helping you in any way she can!

Email: courtney@360businessgrowth.com

Danika Grady
Region Sales Rep for San Francisco Bay Area

Call/Text : 619.985.3788

Mailto: danika@360businessgrowth.com

Dave McCormack

David Young
Region Sales Rep

Dom Burgio
Region Sales Rep for CT, Western MA, and VT

Dom started selling Cutco in May of 2017 and was quickly promoted to Assistant Manager that July. The next summer Dom was promoted to Sales Manager, which he helped build a team of over 30 successful sales representatives. Dom has since been focused on his own Cutco sales in order to pay his way through school at Naugatuck Valley Community College. He is currently pursuing a Marketing degree. Dom has always built his business around helping others and building meaningful relationships. When Dom is not working, he spends most of his time playing basketball with friends, watching after his five-year-old brother, and traveling.

Call/Text : 203.819.1812

Mailto: domburgiogifting@gmail.com

Dominic Nudo
Region Sales Rep for Austin metro, San Antonio, and San Marcos TX

After spending 25 years in the amazing San Francisco Bay Area, Dominic decided he needed a change of scenery and environment. He set his eyes on Austin, TX and only being there for a small amount of time, he knew that this was home. He always has taken great pride in customer service and client retention. He has been in Management and Sales since he was 18 years old. He decided at 23 to get his real estate license and go out and sell homes. Being in real estate, he knew the type of agent he wanted to be. He wanted to provide value and make sure he was doing his best to only keep his clients interests in mind, regardless of where he was at. When he decided to move to Austin, he had a couple options. He could relicense and go with the same brokerage he was at just in a different office, or he could choose a new path. His wife who has been doing Cutco Closing Gifts supported him in any decision he was going to make. That’s when he realized what he truly loved to do more than anything was help people grow businesses. He knew the value that Cutco was in the home, but as he learned from his wife he saw the value it was for business. From ensuring that clients can use these knives with your business card on them forever all the way to being considered advertisement so it’s not just a $25 write-off. He knew this was the road he wanted to take so he can provide to people in the industry that transformed his life.

Call/Text : 925.786.9447

Mailto: Mustache_dom@360businessgrowth.com

Emmi Abel-Rutter
Region Sales Rep for Cincinnati, OH and Louisville and Lexington. KY and surrounding areas.

Hailing from Cincinnati, Emmi has been working with the Cutco product for six years. For the past two years, her focus has narrowed to realtors, loan officers, builders, lawyers, & a variety of business owners that understand the lifetime value of a client.

She graduated with a BS from the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!) in 2017. Shortly after, she returned to Ohio to pursue her passion for teaching others how to build & maintain client relationships through properly executed, high quality, & strategic gifts.

On a personal note, Emmi enjoys travel — she’s been to 39 states & 7 countries / territories, all within the last 6 years. Between 2 families, she has 3 sisters, 1 brother, & 1 nephew. She has 11 living grandparents that she absolutely loves. Her dream dog is a rescue Dalmatian. Her go-to TV Show is Parks & Recreation.

Call/Text : 513.687.0635

Mailto: eabelrutter@gmail.com

Erin Brown
region sales rep for Tennessee

Hannah-Marie Drown
Region Sales Rep for Columbus OH, Dayton OH, Toledo OH and surrounding areas

Hannah-Marie has been a Cutco rep since 2016 and has worked in a variety of roles. These days, Hannah-Marie is focused on serving business owners. Hannah-Marie has a passion for helping others and specializes in helping people make soulrooted decisions in alignment to their core values. She believes businesses best serve their communities when they utilize thoughtful, value-charged gifts and branding tools. On her off-time, you can find Hannah-Marie spending time with her friends. She is an avid Columbus Blue Jackets fan and also enjoys traveling, sand volleyball, and finding cities’ best margaritas. Hannah-Marie is excited to discover how she can partner with you!


Email: hmd@360businessgrowth.com

Cell: 937-594-1613

Jess Meiser
Region Sales Rep for Columbus, Dayton, & Toledo

Jess has been working with Cutco for the past 9 years. He is approaching $1 million in career sales. His territories are Columbus, Dayton, and Toledo. He loves his dog, Elvy, and is a diehard Cleveland Browns fan.

Call/Text : 440.346.4456

Mailto: Jess@360businessgrowth.com

John Stringer
Region Sales Rep for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine

John started selling Cutco in April of 2017 and got off to a fast start with the company. He attended Umass Lowell as a Marketing & Management major. As a college student, he was an assistant manager, a Branch manager summer 2019 & 2020, and won 5 All American Scholarships from the company. John is passionate about helping clients grow their businesses through strategic gifting. He believes when you take care of your clients, they take care of you. When he is not working he enjoys exercising, reading, golfing, playing hockey, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Call/Text : 978.968.3331

Mailto: John@360businessgrowth.com

Jordan Thomas

Kadeem Samuels
Region Sales Rep for Brevard county, FL

Kadeem started selling CUTCO in July 2012 while finishing his Masters Program in Renewable Energy Engineering at Lehigh University in PA. After graduating, he worked in several different engineering industries utilizing many of his engineering disciplines. In every job, he’s connected and spent time with customers and clients. It seems that CUTCO continued to make sense because he enjoyed delivering great customer service with a world class product. Currently, he works with military clients, residential clients, realtors, loan officers, title companies and business owners showing them the vast opportunities that comes with using CUTCO in their home or for their business. His goal is that his clients use the strategic gifting system to brand themselves in a way that they will always be remembered. On a personal note, Kadeem enjoys traveling, reading and working out.

Call/Text : 347.224.0137

Mailto: ksamuels211@gmail.com

Kayla Wegner
Region Sales Rep for Tennessee

Kristina Groetsch

Kristina has been with Cutco since 2016. Kristina was in management and has transitioned to working with businesses and realtors to help with client retention through marketing. She graduated from UCF’s college of business school and enjoys getting to know her clients to build long term relationships. Kristina’s goal is to help her clients grow their business by adding systems that help them run efficiently. Feel free to reach out to her for: Client/Employee Appreciation Gifts & Closing Gifts; Cutco Product Service including sharpening & Sales.

Call/Text : 407.865.0076

Mailto: Kristinagroetsch6@gmail.com

Laurie Sweeting
Region Sales Rep for California and Tennessee

Laurie has been selling Cutco since December 2020 and found her passion. Laurie loves to work with real estate agents, loan officers and business owners helping them grow their business and increase client retention. Laurie loves traveling with an extensive bucket list of places to visit. She enjoys time with family and friends and being out in nature as much as possible.

Call/Text: 585-313-7984

Mailto: laurie@360businessgrowth.com

Lizz DiFlorio
Region Sales Rep for Syracuse, Rochester, and Albany

Lizz is 29 years old and has been selling Cutco for 8 years. She was born and raised in Syracuse NY! Her hobbies include hiking, camping, boating, working out and she loves to travel!!! She has sold over 1.6 million dollars of Cutco personally and is looking forward to her next million! Lizz is excited to be part of the CGC team and to add another layer to her business!

Call/Text : 315.559.6320

Mailto: brandingwithlizz@gmail.com

Mason Willix
Region Sales Rep for MA and CT

Michaela Slagel
Region Sales Rep for Indianapolis & surrounding areas

Michaela was born and raised in Northern Indiana. She started with Cutco in 2020 and quickly advanced to be a top sales rep and branch manager the following years after. She has always been very passionate towards helping others and building relationships and that is why she loves working with Cutco. She spends her time traveling, hiking, snowboarding, reading, cooking, or exercising at the gym.

Naomi Keicher
Region Sales Rep for Pennsylvania

Nicole Allen-Wright

Owen Brown
Region Sales Rep for Connecticut

Mailto: owenbrown@360businessgrowth.com

Peyton Kellar

Ray Gomes

Ray Gomes is a sales coach with over 12 years of experience in sales and management, coaching thousands of students in sales. He has sold over $3.5 million, in both inside and outside sales, in corporate and entrepreneurial roles. Ray has been a top sales representative for Dell Technologies, and is the co-founder of Virtual Sales Growth.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ray was able to increase his business by 5% each month using virtual sales strategies.

Ray now works with realtors and business owners to increase their branding and closing ratio. He also coaches high school and college students to gain professional skills while in school.

Ray has been featured on Fox news, ABC, the CW, NBC, CBS, Top Spot Malaysia, and other media outlets.

Call/Text : 239.478.9011

Mailto: ray@360businessgrowth.com

Renee Johnson
Region Sales Rep for Syracuse & surrounding areas

Renee has been with Cutco since 2013 and she graduated from Cazenovia College. She has a dual bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Outside of the business, Renee enjoys going to the gym, powerlifting, spending time with family and friends, singing and traveling.

Call/Text : 315.868.7019

Mailto: Brandingwithrenee@gmail.com

Sam Stangl
Region Sales Rep for Pennsylvania

Sarah Warner
Region Sales Rep for Connecticut

Mailto: sarah@360businessgrowth.com

Terrie Kimball
Region Sales Rep for Northeast and Southeast Ohio

Terrie “The Singing Knife Girl” born and raised in Northeast ohio  resides in Massillon,Oh with her husband Mike and their rescue dog Harley. Terrie’s previous work experience includes banking, healthcare and preschool education. Terrie spent the past 10 years entertaining at local wineries and restaurants as a member of THE SUGARCREEK DUO. The duo also provided music programs at over 50 retirement homes in Northeast Ohio. Terrie is a new addition to 360 business growth as of July 2020 and is excited to help others by providing guidance in business gifting and client retention and AMAZING customer service. Terrie enjoys spending time with her family including 3 children & 2 grandchildren. She also enjoys writing music, thrift shopping, attending live music events, camping, hiking, kayaking, pina coladas and long walks on the beach.

Call/Text : 330.309.7135

Mailto: Tkimball@edgyclosinggifts.com

Meet Our Administrative Staff

Kristen Staback

Kristen was born and raised in southern Indiana and moved to Nashville in 2008. She graduated with a degree in Mathematics and Special Education. Kristen has a huge passion for helping others so she decided to help people build businesses and brand themselves strategically. It gives her great joy to help others grow their company or personal business to achieve their goals. She is passionate about systems, client retention, and top of mind awareness. Kristen and her team gives business owners the opportunity to bridge the gap between advertising and gifting. They offer high-quality, unique, unforgettable gifts to business owners who want to put their best foot forward with their valued clients. Outside of business, Kristen enjoys spending quality time with her family, friends, and her White German Shepherd dog, Max. She loves to travel, hike, cook, entertain, read, workout, be outdoors, and boxing. Kristen believes that we are all put on this Earth to make an impact in some way, shape, or form. She believes that we are exactly where we are supposed to be in our lives at each and every moment. Every day above ground is a blessing and she does her best to live it to the fullest. Kristen looks forward to getting to know you and the opportunity to help and serve in any way that she can.

Lindsey Pryor
Executive Admin assistant

Lindsey currently resides in Greenback, TN with her husband Shawn and daughter Charlie. She graduated from The University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. Her previous work experience in sales has taught her the importance of building a strong relationship with her clients and how maintaining their loyalty is a vital part of any successful business. She also believes that quality customer service is the most important aspect of any thriving company. She joined the team at 360 Business Growth in July 2020. In her spare time, Lindsey loves being with her family, reading a good book, she also loves animals; especially her dogs Harlow and Apollo, and enjoys spending time outside as much as possible.


Admin Team

Allyson currently resides in Coconut Creek, FL with her husband Kyle and their two boys, Ronan and Merrick. Allyson was born and raised in South Florida and has moved around the country while her husband serves in the United States Coast Guard. She has an Associates Degree from Jacksonville Community College and a Bachelors in Mass Communication from Campbell University in North Carolina. In her spare time, she loves playing volleyball, spending time outdoors, relaxing on the beach or travelling to surf destinations.


We are looking to add people to our team in other locations for sales representatives and new staff members. If you would like to learn more about us and are interested in a possible career opportunity, please send us your resume. We will get back with you within 1 week. If we believe you could be a good fit for our team, we will schedule an interview. Thank you for taking an interest in our team.